Maxim Velcovsky | porcelain | candlestick Maxim Velcovsky | porcelain | candlestickSpirit of The East | trabant | czech design

Maxim Velčovský | Spirit of The East | Qubus Design studio | 2007 | Porcelain | 70 x 170 x 70 cm | Applied Art | Porcelain | Signed | Design | price: EUR 71 incl. VAT

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The Porcelain Trabant ranks to one of the originally-shaped candlesticks designed by Maxim Velčovský. The designer who graduated from the Prague Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, is fond of working with the symbols of the pre-Communist era in what is, today, the Czech Republic and in which he grew up. Lighting a candle on the unbelievable invention of Communist car industry – the plastic car name Trabant – executed in porcelain evokes emotions in everyone, whether joy that this period has finally passed or nostalgia after the good old times. The number of the desired material is limited. Please verify the availability of the original item before ordering.


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