Peter Harach

Peter Harach

Even though Peter Harach is still a student, he has a few significant successes behind. In the framework of the young designers’ promotion, he and his colleagues from the Brno Faculty of Fine Arts participated at many annual student competitions. This is also the case of the competition for the fair exhibits of inspiring and innovative character, “GRAND PRIX MOBITEX 2008”. Here, Peter Harach won the first prize with his textile furniture “Gerrit” (the Progressive Design category), being awarded for a non-traditional use of material and a new approach to design. Amongst his other successes is the Marksman Design Award (2007–2008), within which he faced a global competition of talented student designers. The task was to design a pen for the Marksman Collection while the motto of the competition was to “create a non-traditional design for a traditional producer”. Although Peter Harach did not win any of the first three prizes, his pen enjoyed justified attention and was remunerated. The committee described his object as a “sculpture you can write with”. It seems that the above-mentioned accomplishments were enough for the company Lucis to address Peter Harach and invite him to collaborate. The result is a series of lamps “Loxia”, whose unique combination of the bulb and the shade has a significant share on the final shape and function of the lamp. Awards: 2006 2nd prize, Advertising Objects Design for the Brno University of Technology Czech Republic 2008 1st prize, “GRAND PRIX MOBITEX 2008” 2008 Marksman Design Award “Design the Perfect Pen” (remunerated)


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The ceiling lamp “Loxia” | Peter Harach

Peter Harach


2004–now – Faculty of Fine Arts / Brno University of Technology Czech Republic
2000–2004 – School of Applied Arts, Kremnica, Slovak Republic

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