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The Wallendorf porcelain manufacture achieved significant position in the Thuringian porcelain industry as a parent company of several other manufactures. It was established by Johann W. Hamman and Gotthelf and Johann G. Greiners’ in 1763. The factory’s production followed up with several stages of Neo-Classicism, thus suiting the sense of fashion and the requirements of the bourgeois taste.

In the beginning, the dishware was characteristic of somewhat clumsy forms, resulting from the imperfect composition of the mass and glazing. But the technological standard soon improved, even though the factory kept holding onto the standard, smooth and bulbous, often ribbed forms. Their decoration mainly focused on the so-called strawflower, cobalt-painted patterns. The designers later began employing multi-colored bouquets or, eventually, architectonic motifs often accompanied by gilded framing. The assortment of the manufacture was mainly the field of applied ware – coffee and tea sets, pipe heads, inkpots and candlesticks. Its figural sculptures especially focused on the motif of the so-called Thuringian musicians.

In 1833, the control over the manufacture was taken over by Ch. Hutschenreuth, supported by Fr. Kämpf and G. Heubach. The triad enjoyed the greatest artistic success between 1923 and 1953, mainly thanks to the creations by Heinz Schaubach. In the following years, the manufacture’s products mainly were of good standard which was largely contributed by the collaboration with outstanding German modelers, painters and sculptors as Peter Strong, Gottfried Stohr, Gerhard Nussman or Jürgen von Wayski.