Ondřej Přibyl

Ondřej Přibyl

Ondřej Přibyl is a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague where he studied with prominent personalities of photography, such as Pavel Štecha and Ivan Pinkava. His seemingly diverse cycles oscillate between social documentary, conceptual photography and manipulated photography. Nevertheless, a conceptual basis is apparent. Přibyl is technically accurate but his talent is typical of an exact premeditation of his themes. He always works in certain cycles, mostly elaborating classic material and then converting the shots on the PC and printing them on special paper. His series have an obfuscating character. It is not clear if the artist plays a certain game with the viewer – each of his photographs is a kind of puzzle. His landscapes are defocused or conceal a mysterious object or hide a symbolism to which we have no clue. Přibyl’s photographs are fascinating for their perfect cohesion of the idea and its brilliant technical execution. He is a surprise with every new exhibition.


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Ondřej Přibyl

* 1978, Prague, Czech Republic


Graduated from the PORG eight-year secondary school.
1998-2000 Employed in the Photography Department of the Institute of Art History attached to the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
Graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where he was enrolled in the Department of Photography headed by Pavel Štech and Ivan Pinkava, granted the academic degree MgA.
Attended trainee posts in the studios of Typography and Graphic Design under Professor Rostislav Vaněk and of Visual Communication at the UdK Berlin.
He is a member of the kunstWerk art formation.
He lives in Prague.

Solo Exhibitions

2005 | Territory, Ondrej Pribyl
2006 | Traces / Edges, Roxy NoD, Ondrej Pribyl
2008 | Školská 28 Gallery, Ondrej Pribyl
2012 | Ondřej Přibyl - KIDS

Group Exhibitions

Intercity Berlin-Prague
Gross National Product