Martin Kocourek

Martin Kocourek

Martin Kocourek graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and his focus is on sculpture. He mainly works with metal material combined with wood, creating metaphorical objects of strong emotional pathos. Kocourek’s objects and installations are simple, urgent and expressive, lacking any hidden meanings. By selecting rough, unprocessed metals without finish as well as found materials and waste along with pressing message, Kocourek attacks the viewers and is almost able to move them to tears. His works are personal, imbued with lived experience, and unbelievably authentic. In our time full of big ironies we feel that Kocourek attempts at returning to subjects linked with deep artistic message. The artist widely exhibits both in Czech lands and abroad and was also represented at the Italian Arte Fiera Bologna 2009.


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Martin Kocourek

* 1976

Solo Exhibitions

2008 | Restrected Area

Group Exhibitions

Tina B. 2007