Jitka Mikulicová

Jitka Mikulicová

This year, Jitka Mikulicová graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the studio of inter-media confrontation with her cycle “Extracted Paintings”. She is interested in establishing new relation between form and contents – i.e. subject which has been long put into cold storage as a memory of the Marxist dialectics. By deconstructing visual information and their reconstruction, Mikulicová attempts at revealing different, hidden meanings or directly develops them via seemingly accidental shifting individual elements. Her play is complex and has surprisingly varied results. They in part refer to her older works, in which she applied wooden marquetry as compositional and aesthetic motifs. Some paintings can be compared to a pattern book of formal possibilities while others employ pop-culture features as the eternally irritating confrontations of the high and low. And all of a sudden, there pops up a portrait of a child appropriated from a stone tomb – artist’s personal experience – from amongst the bulk of portraits. Mikulicová later elaborated on this experience in a conceptual way: she let a stone engraver “produce” portraits of her laughing friends and photographed them. She thus evokes the good old ghosts of banal questions: What is authentic art? Is it necessary to master craft for an artist, and is our navigated craftsman an artist? But the tombstones – the dangerous play with the living – invite countless other associations…


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Black Nude | Jitka MikulicováBlack Act 2 | Jitka MikulicováLittle Mirek  | Jitka MikulicováPoster | Jitka MikulicováPortraits 1-5 | Jitka MikulicováSnowman | Jitka Mikulicová

Jitka Mikulicová

* 1980, Hustopeče, Czech Republic


AAAD, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague
Conceptual and Intermedia department
Prof. Jiří David
HGB Hochschule fur Grafic und Buchkunst Leipzig
Prof. Neo Rauch
FFA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno
Painting department
Prof. Martin Mainer

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