Petr Písařík

Petr Písařík

The somewhat ungraspable and versatile talent of Petr Písařík continues bringing surprises to the Czech artistic scene. Although the artist is very productive, he is far from falling prey to repetition. His visual perception is very original: he transforms non-aesthetic features into different aesthetics or even the most up-to-date, contemporary morphology that echoes the complex and fleeting character of our present time. Apart from courageous, almost abstract, large-dimensional paintings, in which Písařík courageously combines features of lower and high cultures, the folk and the noble, he also focuses on three-dimensional works. His artistic achievements are a mixture of many styles. They contain features of modernist movements like Dada and Surrealism or reflect the frenzy of the improvised Fluxus… In a Post-Modernist manner, they simply connect, quote and ironize everything that had appeared in visual arts to date. Písařík, however, is a rather unique magician under whose hands remarkable beauty is born of the banal. He does not hesitate to use rubbish and colored sequins; in short, nothing can stop him – for he has the gift of courage and the drive take risky standpoints. Petr Písařík represents an indisputable phenomenon on the Czech artistic scene. At the turn of the 1990s, he started with the art group Pondělí (Monday) which tried to hold views different from those advocated by the older Post-Modern generation. Members of the group focused on seemingly ordinary things of commonplace life, and Písařík remained faithful to them even despite the monumental character of his works.


Artworks of this author offered by Prague Art & Design

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Petr Písařík

* 1968, Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic

Solo Exhibitions

2001 | Petr Pisarik - Sorry
2003 | Petr Pisarik - Dear Sun
2007 | Petr Pisarik - Ad Astra Gallery
2008 | Petr Pisarik - 40

Group Exhibitions

Tina b. („This Is Not Another Biennia­l“)

ACNE - Contemporary Czech Painting from the Richard Adam Collection

Jiri David, Petr Pisarik 2+4

Resetting — Different Ways of Reality

Tomáš Hlavina, Petr Pastrňák, Petr Písařík: Inside the head, In the landscape, In the city