Michal Cimala

Michal Cimala

Michal Cimala graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. His field of interest encompasses design objects, installations as well as paintings. Cimala’s gift for unambiguous and effective aesthetics of technical character is apparent in all his creative outcomes. The gradual and painstaking processing of objects which are often made of variously collected and waste plastic evokes the impression of sophisticated high tech. They are moreover beautiful, practical objects reminiscent of music instruments. In painting, Cimala employs the method of spraying that refers to the origins of Czech street art, but the use of templates and symmetrical structures also refers to the aesthetics of the New Sensitivity of the 1960s. Cimala is presently active in the multifunctional spaces of the gallery Trafačka in Prague and its studios. He long worked abroad, mainly in Berlin, and is often invited to numerous, both foreign and Czech, exhibitions.


Artworks of this author offered by Prague Art & Design

Cinema vertical | Michal CimalaWires | Michal CimalaBubstep Landscape | Michal CimalaDubstep Lanscape - Music Memo | Michal CimalaRavens flying over the city | Michal CimalaIndependent Day | Michal CimalaIt's crooked! | Michal CimalaCameras | Michal CimalaLamps | Michal CimalaCollided Gate | Michal CimalaTrain Window  | Michal CimalaBirds | Michal CimalaLights | Michal CimalaTrafo Zona 2011 | Michal CimalaTrolley-line in a fog | Michal CimalaThe Žižkov Neighborhood | Michal Cimala

Michal Cimala

* 1975, Havířov, Czech Republic


1994-2000 - Academy for art, design and architecture in Prague, prof. V.K.Novak
1989-1993 - School for applied art in Turnov, department of Jewellery design

2008 Granada 2007, Carrara,
2001, City College, San Francisco 1999, Universität der Künste, Berlin, prof. D. Evison 1997, Instituto Europeo di Design, Milan

Solo Exhibitions

2011 | Michal Cimala: Shift
2012 | MICHAL CIMALA Trafačka – Olomouc
2012 | Michal Cimala - Explosive

Group Exhibitions

In Crisis We Trust! (Michal Cimala, Václav Girsa, Jan Kaláb, Martin Káňa, Jakub Matuška a Robert Šalanda)