Petr Lysáček

Petr Lysáček

Along with Jiří Surůvka, the Ostrava artist Petr Lysáček ranks to the most significant artists of the given region which he still eagerly professes although he has been living and working in Prague. He, however, lectures at the Ostrava University. Lysáček profiled himself as a distinct conceptually-oriented artist and performer in the Prague MXM Gallery during the 1990s. His work – whether his objects, paintings, installations or ready-mades – challenge and question both forms and contents and the artist’s aproach to reality is that of scepticism and irony. His works are intentionally “non-artistic” and, with only a few exceptions, exclusively employ the aesthetic of ugliness. The few exceptions are, for example, his photographs processed in Photoshop whose results are utterly new images covering the original ones. Lysáček also often works with the accidental, with found objects and intuition. His achievements do not lack either humor or self-irony. They were part of numerous exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. He also exhibits with the Ostrava art group František Lozinski o. p. s.


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Petr Lysáček

* 1961, Ostrava, Czech Republic


1987–1993 Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

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2009 | Petr Lysacek -

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