Jan Brož

Jan Brož

„My work is in the form of projects or series which I usually develop on a long-term basis and continually. Their outputs are inter-disciplinary because the way of processing is determined by requirements of the project itself or ideas. It’s similar with drawing series, on which I work repeatedly and find principles in them or internal rules applicable also to other projects. Expressional moderation and determination is important for me but at the same time also broader research behind the work. I perceive drawing as a „direct medium“, a form enabling ideological transcription through a hand directly on the paper without any other requirements. My work is naturally and thematically updated again and again, but very often an appeal to react to daily routine and fulfill reflexive function of art practice appears in it. This is simply a parallel of the language with different expressive options for me. The mentioned reflective/critical role began to be crucial for me. For this purpose I often use and rework existing cultural products and at the same time an interpretational framework stays important for me; the relationship with original source, reasons and context of such remediation. More and more often meaning of de-materialism of my work comes to mind and freeing from the stage of artefacts, searching for alternative formats of output. I’m not convinced that my future work should fulfill a pre-determined program. On the contrary, I’m inclined to openness and search for new approaches and ideas from which also the structure of this statement comes from.“ Jan Brož


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Jan Brož

* 1988, Štenberk


2007 - 2013: Academy of Fine Arts, Prague (AVU) (ateliers of Vladimír Skrepl / Jiří Kovanda and Anetta Mona Chisa)

2012: The Cooper Union - School of Art, New York (classes of Wallid Raad, Iman Issa)

2011: Studio of guest professor AVU (Althea Thauberger / D. Lang)

2010: Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe (studios of Anna Jermolaewa and Armin Linke / Michael Clegg)